Starling, Mike & Christie - MEXICO/MISSION QUEST

Mike and Christie were approved as World Baptist Fellowship missionaries to Mexico in 1993.  During their years of ministry in Mexico they formed MissionQuest that was used to challenge young people to serve the Lord.  In 2007 they felt the Lord was leading them to work with MissionQuest full time to take teams to foreign countries on short-term mission trips with the sole purpose to recruit people for missions.  In 2011 they felt burdened to start a Spanish ministry in North Texas because of the high influx of Hispanics to the area.  They will also continue with the MissionQuest ministry upon request.

MQI focuses on enlisting God's people to engage in missions work and empowers them to make a difference in the lives of people all over the world.  We organize and lead short term missions trips and projects to put people face to face with foreign countries, cultures and missionaries.  Only there can they understand the need, hear the calling and derive the passion to return home and fully engage in missions through their local churches or surrender to career missions.  Come with us and let us show you the rest of the world.

Mike was saved at the age of seven and Christie was saved when she was seventeen years old.

They were married in 1991 at the Midway Baptist Church in Aubrey, Texas and Mike graduated from Arlington Baptist College in 1992.

They have three children - Skyler, Spencer and Sicilie.