Moffitt, Marjorie - HOME MISSIONS (Retired)

As a teen-ager, Marjorie worked at Walgreen drug store in Wichita Falls, TX with Mary Beth Moffitt. Although she knew Marjorie attended the 10th & Austin Street Church of Christ, Beth invited her to come to the Bible Baptist Church to hear their guest speaker from Oklahoma City. Bro. Owenby brought a clear message on baptism that night and Marjorie realized her salvation didnt depend on her water baptism. Right there in her pew Marjorie asked Jesus to come into her heart. When Mary Beths brother, Bill, was discharged from the Marines, he and Marjorie began to date and four years later in 1950 were married. They were married for 51 years. God gave them three children: Karen Bilbo, Mike Moffitt, and Sherry Sechrist. They have three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, and their mother is expecting triplets in March of 2005.

Bro. Moffitt graduated from the Bible Baptist Seminary, now Arlington Baptist College. In those days it wasnt IF graduates were going to start churches, it was WHERE! In 1952 Bill organized the Bethel Baptist Church in Carlsbad, New Mexico and was its pastor for ten years. During that time he organized a church in Artesia, NM. His deacons took turns speaking to those who attended until they called a pastor. Bro. Bill left Carlsbad to organize the Berean Baptist Church in Phoenix, Arizona. During their fourth year there, the Trentman Ave. Baptist Church in Fort Worth, TX called him to become their pastor. After several years the area became depressed and God led him to find the present property in Arlington. They moved the church in the 1980s and changed the name to Pleasantview Baptist Church. He served as pastor there for 27 years. After that time he changed ministries. He had been on the Missions Committee for 34 years, serving as Chairman for twelve of those years. In 1994 the Missions Committee asked him to become the Director of WBF Home Missions. Bro. And Mrs. Moffitt traveled all across the United States advising and encouraging young pastors and their wives, as well as locating pastors to go to new areas to organize new churches. He served in that position until God took him to heaven in October of 2002.

Marjorie was not only active in Bro. Moffitts ministry, but as soon as they moved to Fort Worth, she became involved in the activities of the Ladies Ministries of the WBF. She enjoys assisting Mrs. Bryant with the ladies meeting in May as well as raising funds for their different projects to provide various needs of the students of the Arlington Baptist College. Following Bro. Moffitts death Marjorie volunteered for several months as a receptionist at the college. Although she isnt as active in Home Missions as she was, she still encourages young students to consider organizing new churches in areas of the USA where there are no Independent Baptist Churches. She regularly writes the articles for The Heartbeat of WBF in the Fundamentalist. Marjorie also has been a guest speaker for Womens Retreats, Seminars, Camps, and special programs. On Sundays you will find her at Pleasantview Baptist Church where she teaches a Ladies Sunday School Class and sings alto in the choir, and teaches a Ladies Bible Study on Tuesday mornings. 

Marjories greatest desire is to be used to encourage women in their service unto the Lord, and to promote the work of the Lord Jesus in any way she can until He comes again. 

You may contact her by telephone at: 817-483-8603 Cell Phone: 817-690-8148