Bitner, Jerry & Bonnie - MEXICO

Jerry and Bonnie were approved as World Baptist Fellowship missionaries in July, 1989. They served one year of internship at the Calvary Baptist Church in Plainview, Texas, which is also their sending church. They both graduated from Arlington Baptist College in May, 1986.

Jerry was saved in August, 1972, at the first annual World Baptist Fellowship Youth Conference in Grand Prairie, Texas. In 1985, following a mission conference at the Calvary Baptist Church in Plainview, Texas, he surrendered his life to full time service.

Bonnie was saved in Indiana February, 1969. After dedicating her life to the Lord at a World Baptist Fellowship Youth Conference, she gave her life to missions during a challenge by missionaries to Mexico. 

In the beginning the Bitner's desire was to labor for the Lord in the country of Sri Lanka. When they found that they could not go there they began working in Monterrey, Mexico.  The Bitners have one son, Timothy.